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So anyone that knows me knows that I’m not a writer. But I’ve been toying with the idea of a blog for a while. Not because I think anyone will read it, but because I wanted somewhere to put my thoughts and feelings on various things. Anyone who knows me will also know I’m pretty vocal about women in music, both in terms of musicians and women’s safety, so I thought, “Why not combine the two?” Simple really? Well, we’ll see.

Despite not being a writer, I’m starting out on my postgraduate dissertation, which is a pretty terrifying prospect. 12,000 words (which in reality is nothing for a postgrad, I’m aware of that) of drivel and assumptions being backed up in some lose way in order to try and save a few marks. Am I wrong? I’m studying International Arts and Festivals Management, which I have been for the last two and a half years. And whilst I still can’t say the course title without stumbling through it, I can say that, despite many nights of stress and the constant feeling of questioning every little thing I’ve written, its been the absolute best. So you can image my delight when it came to planning my dissertation and I realised that I could finally put all my ranting about women in music into some sort of structured manner. I had the idea of exploring how women are represented at music festivals, from artists to audiences. It seemed perfect, as I’d already had so many discussions about the lack of women on festival line ups and why festivals aren’t providing enough safe spaces for women and tackling the rise in sexual assault and harassment. Although I did recently hit a road block, which is where this blog comes into play. Apparently I have way too many views on the issue and not enough space to write it all (seriously? 12,000 words?). I also like to rant (who doesn’t?) so I could see things getting intense with little academic back up. Enter Where the Women Are. This is my venting space. Somewhere I can write about all the issues I care about and want to talk more about, because they really need to be talked about. It is happening, anyone within easy reach of the internet these days has heard of the #MeToo movement, seen horrendous reports of women being attacked and raped at various festivals or female musicians expressing their anger at how little they’re represented on line ups. I’m not the first person to write about it and I definitely won’t be the last. But if people don’t continue to speak up, then what will change?

Bare with me whilst I do this (if anyone is actually reading). I hope that what I write will give insight. Some of it will be based on research, some of it will be my opinions. I don’t claim to be a expert at all. But this is my space to talk about what I care about. If someone likes it, then that’s a bonus.



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